Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Quart of Blood Technique

I'm a big movie buff, so I have a habit of using obscure movie references.

A classic example is the "Quart of Blood Technique."

The term comes from the 1983 comedy "Trading Places."

In order to establish cred (and not get his ass kicked) in jail, one of the characters demonstrates a martial arts move called the "Quart of Blood Technique."  That is because when you are finished with the technique, a quart of blood drops out of your opponent.  He learned because he is a "Chain Belt."

I use the term for a technique that will seriously harm your opponent.  "If you have to drop your foe quickly, and you don't want them getting back up, and there are no witnesses, what technique would you use?  That would be your "Quart of Blood Technique.""

Ya, it's goofy, but then so am I, and I teach a lot of teenagers.  It sticks in their head and makes them think.

How much is a quart of blood?  It's two pints, or double what you lose in a standard blood donation.
There are approximately 10 pints in an adult human.  So a quart is about 20% of the total amount of blood.  Loss of 40% (two quarts) is considered fatal.   Losing 20% quickly is no fun either.  Rapid drop in blood pressure.  Then they will probably continue to bleed.  So an actual Quart of Blood technique is nothing to joke about.

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