Monday, July 10, 2017

Observations on 3 Combination

I was watching YouTube videos on 3 Combination today.

There are lot of them.  Many of them want to 'fix' problems with combination.

IMO, those problems come from not executing 3 Combination correctly.

For example, the second strike is not a back fist.  It's a back two knuckle punch.  The person in the video made a good point about hurting the bones in the back of your hand if you missed the target with a back fist.  The replacement strike he offered in the place of the back fist was a hammer strike, which is the same as the back fist in gross motor skills. I still prefer the back two knuckle punch, which is a linear strike, as opposed the circular strike of the back fist or hammer.

There are also a lot of good videos that show some interesting variations of 3 combination.  I'll post links to those later.

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