Friday, August 01, 2008

Second Law of Kempo

Law of the First Strike

If a confrontation is inevitable, you should not wait for the aggressor to attack first! You need to hit him first with your foot, fist, elbow, knee, etc. You need to hit the attacker hard and hit continuously until they are subdued.


Leo said...

I agree hit first and hit often! this is a great example of Ed parker's saying "Attack The Attack". Every strike is a block and every block is a strike they are one and the same, what makes them what they are is context. In Modern Kempo the very first technique teaches to do a left inward block at the elbow of the attacker's arm with intent to break. So is it a strike disguised as a block? From the outset of the confrontation the intent must be to dominate, otherwise you will be dominated.

Mark said...

Ha! I was just giving the "Blocking is striking Striking is blocking" lecture last week.

In our eight point blocking system, blocks 3 and 4 are the same as a hammer strike. It's the same technique, the difference is in the application.

I'm sure you are familar with the concept of "defanging the snake."

Leo said...

Yes, I am familiar with tha term. I prefer to think of it a decapitate the snake though.