Monday, April 07, 2014

I hope this isn't one of your students

I really hope this isn't one of your students.

First off, I've got over three decades of active martial arts experience as well as a similar amount of time in the computer networking field.  I've been on line longer than the existence of the WWW, and have been active on various martial arts forums over that time.  I've hosted and updated the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ since the early 90s, and have a Kempo blog I infrequently update. Over the decades of doing research for the FAQ, I've communicated with system founders, system inheritors, and senior Masters.  Who have been, with few but notable exceptions, extremely polite and well spoken.  

Then you get the trolls.  For example, here is an email exchanges I had right after I got home from work today.

Random person with  a gmail account (RPwaGA): "What about Kempo system x?"    [names withheld to protect other people associated with that system]

My reply: "Tell me about.  Is there a web site with data on it you recommend?"

RPwaGA: "Google"

My Reply: "Let me guess.  You don’t work in marketing."

RPwaGA: "Nope. But I am not going to do your research for you. Unless of course you pay me."

My Reply: "So you want me to do the research to promote your system and you’re talking about me paying you?
You don’t have a sales background either. :-)"

RPwaGA: "You wrote an online article. If you are not going to list one of the oldest kempo arts around, then your article is not only biased, but inaccurate."

These is where I refer to two old Internet terms, "Killfile" and "Plonk."
My background is on line.  A good chunk of my research is on line.
As I've said, I've contacted, and have been contacted by, system founders and other heads of systems, and for the vast majority of them, have had very pleasant, informative conversations on various styles of Kempo.

This person brings none of that to the table.  No history, no background, no common courtesy, just rudeness, insults, and, as the Star Trek nerds say, he has "no guramba."

Seriously, rec.martial-arts had 13 year olds with a Sailor Moon fetish who troll better.

I hope this is not a student of anyone on this forum.  If he is, please have a quiet talk with him about common courtesy and respect.  It's been my experience that those are goals most martial arts should strive for.